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یکشنبه, ۳۰ تیر ۱۳۹۸
Sunday, 21 July 2019


I want to introduce myself to all of the faithful readers of SevenMinutes. My name is Chick and I am a very grateful recovering nicotine addict. On April 23rd at the XXXII World Service Confer-ence in Ohio, the chairperson of Nicotine Anonymous passed the gavel on to me. It is with awe and amazement that I am now the active chairperson of Nicotine Anonymous World Services.

Preparing for this position has been something I've worked on for a number of years. I was someone who was sick and tired of recurring bronchitis and being a slave to nicotine. I simply typed Smokers Anonymous into the search engine of my computer and voila...I found Voices of Nicotine Recovery online, and became an active member of Nicotine Anonymous. Prior to attend-ing a meeting, I found the NicA website and ordered Nicotine Anonymous, The Book along with 90 Days and 90 Ways. Now, 110 months later I am receiving emails and phone calls from people who want to learn how to live life nicotine-free. What a gift!

Over the past nine years I've experi-enced many adventures and earth-shattering events and have remained nicotine-free. Now I am going to learn how to continue to help nicotine addicts across the world, and to help direct indi-viduals and groups to our many re-sources that help enhance their recov-ery. My ability to act calm, appreciative, positive, graceful, and grateful have improved with support from my spon-sors, Voices of Nicotine Recovery (VONR), trusted servants of Nicotine Anonymous, officers of Nicotine Anony-mous World Services, and other powers greater than myself. My acceptance of myself and of life on life's terms has immensely improved by working the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions while I volunteer to be of service.

I bring devotion to numerous nicotine addicts who, as trusted servants, carry the message to other nicotine addicts behind the scenes. For example, at a World Services level I've worked as the Online Meeting Coordina-tor with Jill (Teleservices Coordinator), Gary (Paper Pen Pal Coordinator), Joyce (Meeting List Coordinator), and Chris (SevenMinutes Editor). I’ve also worked with all the intergroup contacts striving to support and maintain their area’s face to face meetings in this new era of tech-nology. There's a special place in my heart for my first sponsor, Lynne M, who died this year. She was Publisher of SevenMinutes, and was devoted to providing service to others any way she could. Lynne was so excited to serve with the board and to be trained with online board meet-ings. She was one of many trusted serv-ants of Nicotine Anonymous World Ser-vices who could not attend the World Service Conference due to financial rea-sons. One of the goals I would like to explore as chairperson is to use new technology so these devoted servants and intergroup leaders can be a part of the voting process at our World Service Conference.

These thoughts go through my head and heart daily — more to be revealed. Life is grand, one moment at a time. I keep coming back, and know it is through giving that we receive. I'm hoping WE will continue this journey of recovery with love and respect for each other's thoughts and individual paths.

Yours in service and recovery,

Chick, here

Chairperson of NAWS