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Sunday, 21 July 2019

In memoriam

Nicotine Anonymous mourns the loss of Jack R, beloved long-time member from Los Angeles. Below, JudiAh D from Southern California (nee New Paltz, NY) shares remembrances of Jack.

Service Was His Middle Name…Jack R, a speaker at the 2013 NAWS Conference in Long Beach recently passed. He was instrumental in Los Angeles NicA meetings from the beginning, and he never stopped being of service. Though he always chose to break his own anonymity and use his last name whenever he shared, Jack's middle name could have been Service.

Jack was the first person I called in NicA when I first moved from NY in 2006. Always willing to be of ser-vice, I remember him giving new-comers “The Jack R Challenge.” If a newcomer wanted to use nicotine, Jack set forth the challenge to call him first. He never knew it to fail (unless someone sadly didn’t take the challenge and call him.)

Jack’s spirituality was infectious. When I was seriously ill in 2015 and unsure of what the future would hold, I was talking with Jack at an Intergroup picnic. He was talking about the 3rd Step and how essential and powerful it is. He said he applies it to every situation. So unsure if I could ever regain strength, I asked, “Take it even when we’re really ill?” He said, “ESPECIALLY when we’re really ill!” I hope I never forget to believe in Step 3 like he did.

Another man who greatly influenced me, my father, peace be on him, died just over a month ago. He died free of nicotine, yet he did it “all himself.” For years he said, “I want to come to one of your meetings and see what it’s all about.” He never got to go to a NicA meeting in this life, yet I can picture Jack telling my Dad all about the Steps.

May we all be comforted, and may Jack‘s memory

continue as a blessing.