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یکشنبه, ۳۰ تیر ۱۳۹۸
Sunday, 21 July 2019

Dear Nic,

Dear Nic,

I have decided we can’t go on like this any longer. You lied to me and cheated me. I see that now; I see that every-thing was a hoax, that nothing you did or said was true.

I thought you were my world, and my everything. I thought I was safe with you. I came to rely on you. You were always there, wherever I went. So much so that, for example, you came between my loved ones and me. You killed my sister, pushed my family away; my friends didn’t matter anymore, as long as I had you.

I left you and then I came back to you, and I was so angry. When I came back to you I didn’t have any support – it stopped being fun a long time ago. I don’t remember when. I should have stopped seeing you then, but I couldn’t let go of the promise you made all those years ago. You promised me many things, but you lied. You lied about eve-rything.

You promised me I’d always be sexy and glamorous; instead my teeth be-came yellow, I got a hacking cough, and I smelled like a dirty, wet ashtray. Nic, you took my confidence and gave me wrinkles. You left me a mess.

I was never special to you. You never cared about me. You were not a cheap friend to have, either. I got lost in you. I couldn’t see what you were really do-ing to me. You were selfish. After all the good times we spent together, you ended up ruining my life!

So it’s time I let you know that I've met someone else, who has promised to take care of me, and nurture me back to health. This someone is filled with joy and gratitude, and takes things one day at a time; doesn’t judge me, get jeal-ous, or fill my head with empty promis-es.

This someone is NicA.

Yes, I have a new love now and things have really changed. I know what real love is -- I know now how to love my-self; I've learned that I have something to offer. Best of all, I've learned I can LIVE without you! I've found love and connection -- in different ways from the ones you offered -- with NicA and my Higher Power.

Goodbye forever.